One way brass socket 3/8 threaded cap (Medium Base E-26)



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Introducing our One Way Brass Socket—a fundamental component designed to enhance your lighting fixtures with timeless elegance and functionality. This socket, featuring a 3/8 threaded cap and a Medium Base (E-26), ensures seamless compatibility with a variety of lamps and lighting setups.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this brass socket exudes sophistication while providing a reliable electrical connection for your lighting needs. Its classic design adds a touch of refinement to any fixture, perfectly complementing different interior styles.

Ideal for DIY projects or professional installations, our One Way Brass Socket offers easy and secure electrical connections, allowing for straightforward installation and maintenance.

Upgrade your lighting arrangements confidently—choose our One Way Brass Socket for its enduring quality, compatibility, and timeless aesthetic. Elevate your space with a reliable and stylish lighting solution that enhances both form and function.


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